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About us


Uwe Marbs

Since 1990 Uwe Marbs has been a successful entrepreneur, passionately doing business with art and antique furniture.

After successfully finishing his training to become a carpenter he soon found his love for french Art Déco – he then specialized almost exclusively doing business with the furniture that was first introduced to the world in the 1920s.

In 1989 he established his shop “Art Deco 1925” in Baden-Baden, Germany. Today it is known far beyond europeen borders with clients all over the globe and worldwide shipping. It is for the decades worth of experience that he developed a trustworthy eye for beauty and quality which you can see for yourself by clicking through our exclusive website. And even though he never parted with his early found passion for Art Déco you can find a wide range of different styles of furniture as well as paintings, vases, figurines etc. also showcased on the website.


Mario Schilder

During his work as a certified graphic designer, Mario Schilder deepened his love for details and the diversity in design. This very enthusiasm for beautiful things sparked his motivation to find special objects.

Wether it be on social media, on our website or on a variety of other online platforms we comfortably deliver an idea of our selection to your computer screen or smartphone.

While art lovers, collectors and other ones who own a great interest in interior design and decoration had to arrange for a time and sometimes travel long distances to be able to visit fares, galleries or a trusted art dealer in order to find information, today you can easily find everything you desire to know from the comfort of your own four walls.

Many thanks to Art Déco 1925 for the support!